How to Write a good Resume for a Job

Tips For Good Resume

A resume is the first thing that comes to mind while applying for a job. I need to be written well as it is the first impression for an interviewer. As it is the key piece of your career, ensure it includes all necessary things and today’s standards.

Here are some of the guiding principles to help you frame your resume:

  • Use a simple font, text size and format. Avoid making resume flashy, rather make it professional.
  • Limit it to maximum two pages, unless you have more than a decade of experience.
  • Write resume in your own simple words that highlight your experience and skills
  • Always remember to check grammar and spellings as it could give a wrong impression in front of an interviewer.

Do check resume before going for an interview to make sure all information is updated and correct. Check some sample resume online based on your profile which can help you to frame it better. You can also take help from Jobs Force Job Portal for creating your resume. Don’t take resume lightly as it is the door for a successful career.

Below tips can help you to build a good resume:

  1. Highlight your experience: Write relevant work experience and explain it properly. Prove your capabilities and skills through your experience. Keep it precise and emphasize on your achievements, responsibilities that you had done in your job.
  2. Showcase soft skills: Remember that soft skills are equally important as technical skills to your career success. Make sure to explain them by giving examples rather than just writing. Like, if are an organized person tell an incident where you managed work by coordinating with multiple clients. If you are a good communicator, explain how you managed to get new clients for the company and how did it benefit organization to gain revenues.
  3. Describe your technical knowledge: Show off your technical knowledge as it will impress the interviewer and he will get to know your abilities. List your levels of proficiency and certificates that can prove you relevant to the position.
  4. Include keywords: Recruitment agency shortlist resumes through keywords by searching on job portals. Therefore, remember to include appropriate keywords according to your job profile in a resume. By mentioning keywords, the resume gets through their filter that matches the company’s jobs listing.
  5. Assure resume is free from mistakes & updated: Resume is the first step that proves you are fit for an interview. Thus, it is very important to proofread before presenting it in front of the hiring manager. In addition to spell check make sure resume has updated information relevant to the company that you are appearing for. It is important to highlight things which the profile of particular organization has demanded.

As the need for professional talent grows, the employer wants to hire candidates having desired skills and knowledge. Online jobs applied by candidate have their resume recruiters search the desired skills by keywords; therefore including keywords is the key to get shortlisted. A resume is the first thing that speaks about your talent, thus ensure it makes an immediate impact and it proves the employer that you deserve an interview.

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